Pro Series NB1X - 14oz Velcro Red

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The Noble Pro Series NB1X gloves truly are an exceptional glove, perfect for fighters who want to fully protect their hands during a heavy bag session, padwork or sparring. The gloves are extremely comfortable due to the four layers of padding and foam lining. 
These specially created layers absorb the shock and impact of each punch while providing the ultimate comfort throughout the glove. The wrist and thumb is reinforced and protected by additional foam layers. The premium grade cowhide leather is extremely breathable and soft to give the gloves a great look and feel. 
Each pair of Pro Series NB1X gloves come in their very own mesh carry bag ideal for your gloves, hand wraps or even your boxing boots. The open mesh front allows the contents to ‘breathe’ ideal for airing your gloves and wraps after a sweaty session in the gym. The bag has matching black drawstrings and is made from splash proof polyester.