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How to clean your boxing gloves and keep them fresh.  

So you’ve finally ordered and received your brand new Noble boxing gloves and you can’t wait to start using them and bedding them in! Remember these gloves are made using high quality premium leather and four layers of foam padding so they will take some time to break in and feel better the more you use them. 

Even though you’re itching to go its important to know how to take proper care and maintenance of your gloves to keep them as fresh as possible and get the most use out of them. Knowing how to take your of your gloves is an important step in prolonging their life. 

The number one enemy that causes gloves to smell and deteriorate is moisture and fungus! With constant use and poor maintenance this can develop into mould and other bacteria and end up creating a foul odour. The best way to avoid this is by doing a few simple things each time you use them.  

Use Handwraps. 

The first thing to do is make sure you wash your hands BEFORE using your gloves and use a clean pair of hand wraps, we recommend having atleast two pairs of wraps so that you can alternate using them to allow the other pair to be washed and dried.  

Do not put them in your gym bag. 

The biggest mistake is putting your gloves straight in your gym bag. Your gloves will no doubt be hot and sweaty after use so the worst thing to do is to put them inside a dark gym bag with no air and leave them in there overnight. This is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Clean and dry them. 

Dry your gloves thoroughly after use, if you have lace ups then open up the laces as much as possible, for velcro we recommend folding the velcro back around the gloves to keep them open. Keep a small cloth towel or use some paper towels to dry both the inside and outside of your gloves. Patting them dry on the inside to soak up as much moisture as possible and giving them a wipe on the outside to remove any sweat or blood. 

Use the Noble Mesh Glove bag. 

When you purchase your Noble NB1X gloves you will notice that they come with a specially designed mesh glove bag. (If you don't have one of these you can order one directly from our website in the accessories section.) The mesh bag will allow your gloves to air on the way home from the gym where we recommend taking them out and cleaning them properly. You can also keep your handwraps in the mesh bag allowing them to also air out and dry.

 Do NOT use chemical sprays. 

Once home you may be tempted to clean your gloves using some household cleaners but remember leather gloves need more care and maintenance than other materials. Leather is a natural product so using chemicals or abrasives can damage and dry out the leather even faster causing it to crack and split. 

Air Dry them. 

Once you’ve cleaned and dried off any excess moisture its important to let your gloves air dry naturally, as much as you may be tempted to, Do not leave them in direct sunlight. This will dry out the leather and lead it to crack. We recommend leaving them wide open in an cool airy room or by a window to dry naturally. 

By following these few simple steps you can prolong the life of your gloves and keep them clean and fresh for as long as possible.